Upcoming Events

Future conference dates to be announced.

Past Events

March 2024 | New York-New Jersey Metro

June 2023 | Houston, TX

May 2022 | High Point, NC

September 2021 | Leesburg, FL

August 2021 | Lynchburg, VA

 June 2021 | Woodland Park, CO

March 2021 | Chino Hills, CA

October 2020 | Port St. Lucie, FL

August 2020 | Baton Rouge, LA

March 2020 | Naples, FL

February 2020 | Pensacola, FL

January 2020 | Greensboro, NC

January 2020 | Baton Rouge, LA

November 2019 | Cincinnati, OH 

2024 Speakers

“God is zeroing on men. In this hour we need men who are strong... when we have weak men, our children are left unprotected.”
Tony Perkins
“Man is the spiritual head of the family. You take out the man, you take out the family.”
General Jerry Boykin
“When men get it right, everyone wins.”
Stu Weber
“The women in your churches don’t know how to tell you, but they really want you to
be a man.”
Larry Jackson

Interested in Hosting An Event?

Looking to 2024 and beyond, we are seeking partners to host these gatherings across the country! Please pray about hosting a Stand Courageous conference to gather and impact 500 - 2,000 men in your community. Perhaps God has already put a burden like this on your heart and mind!

We would be honored to partner with you and other pastors in your community, joining forces to collaborate, combine resources, and bring this vision to life! If you are interested or have any questions about this unique ministry opportunity for the men in your community, click “Host an Event” to begin a dialogue with us. Learn more about what God is doing through these events in strengthening men to stand courageous in their home, church, and community- impacting the next generation.