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Courageous Men

What were the courageous men like who settled the new world, tamed the wilderness, fought for freedom, founded this country, then moved it forward under God? What were the men like who served and sacrificed so that America could become the greatest nation on the face of the earth? In this booklet, an attempt will be made to relate examples of manhood in American history that line up with the five principles of biblical manhood found in Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Jerry Boykin’s book Man to Man, namely man as a Provider, Instructor, Defender, Battle Buddy, and Chaplain.

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A Man and His Friends

This resource is comprised of two chapters from Stu’s award-winning book, Tender Warrior, which focus on the fact that every man needs a Battle Buddy.  What do we mean by a Battle Buddy?  The “battle buddy” nickname describes a kind of assigned best friend in the Army—assigned because the recruits don’t get to pick and choose who that buddy is going to be.  Army recruits are placed together in pairs by their commanding officers.  The idea is to pair up with one particular man for mutual encouragement and defense, especially in combat situations.  Basically, we’re talking about a guy you can count on who has your back and you’ve got his.  The concept works and has served the soldiers of our Army well for decades and it works in other contexts as well.  You need a friend, a Battle Buddy to help you Stand Courageous!

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Start a Small Group

We make it simple. We provide you with everything  you need to start a small group using General Boykin’s book, Man to Man. Best of all: these resources are absolutely free!  You’ll get the Leader Guide, complete 6-week Video Series, and other great resources!  Click on the link below to get all the free resources to start a small group.

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Bible Reading Plan

Join Stand Courageous on an exciting journey through the Bible! The Stand on the Word Bible Reading Plan provides daily readings from the Bible chronologically over two years.  In other words, each reading takes you through the Bible as events happen in history (to the best of our knowledge).  We will also provide you with a couple of suggested questions for each day that you can use with your family or some friends to ask at breakfast, over the dinner table in the evening, or you can send each morning via text.  Get started now and sign up to be a part of this journey and to receive these daily questions.