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Each of us men want to belong: in a family, a group, or as part of a team. We were not created to be alone. General Boykin’s book Man to Man is structured in a way that makes it easy to invite two or three other men to join you in a discussion on what it really means to be a man of God. Each chapter, illustrated with story and testimony, concludes with ten questions to lead you and your group through a deep, rich life-changing discussion. This is what men truly want. Be bold and start your own small group now.

How to Host a Man to Man Small Group

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Start a Men's Study

If you are interested in starting a men’s study group, one option is to take General Boykin’s book, Man to Man, which provides the foundation for our Stand Courageous conferences, and gather a group of men to go through the book together. If you don’t already have a copy of Man to Man, you can order the book and get started.

We make it simple. At the end of the General’s book you will find a Book Study Discipleship Tool (p 203-06) or facilitator’s guide to help you lead as you gather your group over six weeks. Additionally, you will find ten discussion questions at the end of each chapter to prompt conversation. We will also provide a link to a set of six videos you can show your group to kick off your gathering each week. A link will be provided on this page, and we will let you know when it is live.

Meeting Options

  • One option could be to read the book chapters independently, gather and connect to a big-screen TV and watch the videos together, then discuss using the questions provided.
  • Another option might be to watch the videos and read the book chapters individually, take notes, and then gather at a local coffee shop or gathering place for a weekly discussion and debrief.
  • Given the social distancing mandate in many states due to the Coronavirus, you and your group may feel more comfortable doing a digital meeting. If so, simply use your preferred video conferencing app (e.g., Zoom, Google Hangout, Life Size).

Bottom Line: There is much flexibility in how to do a small group men’s meeting. Click on the video for more on how to get started. Let us know how we can help. Email us at

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